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Kitten season is here! Animal Adoptions of Flamborough will have dozens of cute and cuddly kittens available for adoption

But before bringing a kitten into their forever home there are some tips and advice on what to expect and how to prepare for your new furry friend

Spring has sprung and with it comes “Kitten Season.” Animal Adoptions of Flamborough is seeing the arrival of dozens of adorable kittens, each one looking for a forever home. If you’ve ever considered adding a furry friend to your family, now is the perfect time to adopt one of these irresistible bundles of joy.

Animal Adoptions of Flamborough at 1269 Centre Road between Waterdown and Carlisle, is a shelter that cares for surrendered and found kittens, cats, and dogs. Vice-President Anita Saczyk says, “Last year there were so many surrendered and found litters of kittens that we ran out of letters from the alphabet that we use to identify each litter.”

This year the demand for care may be even greater. Animal Adoptions of Flamborough President, Pam Hesketh says, “We’re starting to receive pregnant cats and some large litters of kittens that have been found.” By considering adopting, you’re not only giving a kitten a much-needed home but also helping to alleviate the overcrowding in the shelter.


The joys of having a kitten

Kittens are playful, curious, and endlessly entertaining. Their boundless energy and adorable antics can bring a lot of joy and laughter into any home. But before bringing a kitten home, there are a few things you need to know and prepare for.

Kitten-proof your house: A tiny kitten in a huge home can easily get into trouble. Anita says, “We tell people to keep the kittens in a “safe room” for a few days such as a bedroom with their litter box and food and then slowly bring them out to begin exploring.” Keep other doors closed so a small kitten isn’t overwhelmed in such a large space.

Kitten-proofing is like child-proofing a house. Kittens can get into tight spots like the space behind the washing machine and injure themselves. Pam says, “As you would with young children, ensure kittens can’t get into things that they can pull over or injure themselves with such things as curtain cords or plants. Playing with an elastic band may seem harmless but they could swallow it or accidentally strangle themselves.”

  • Keep kittens indoors: Keeping kittens indoors is required for their safety, health, and well-being. Kittens are especially vulnerable to being hit by cars. In a rural area like Flamborough kittens are exposed to various predators such as coyotes. During an encounter with a strange cat or dog, a kitten can be injured.
  • Teach children how to treat a kitten: Kittens are fragile and can be easily injured if handled improperly. It’s important for parents to educate children on how to handle a kitten gently to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Pair kittens with another pet: Because kittens play and learn from each other, individuals are encouraged to adopt two kittens if you don’t have another pet at home. Anita says, “Kittens can offer comfort and companionship to each other and two are actually less work. Scooping and feeding for two kittens is just as easy as doing it for one. Because multiple kittens are often cuddling and entertaining each other, they don’t need as much individual attention.” Pairing a kitten with another cat or dog would also be an ideal option.
  • Be patient: Patience is crucial with a new kitten. Patience allows the kitten to explore and feel safe at its own pace, reducing stress and fear, and setting a foundation for a happy, well-adjusted pet. Pam says, “They’ve got to figure out the world, they need to get to know their new family and get comfortable with their environment, especially if they’re a single kitten.”


Kittens looking for a forever home

Animal Adoptions of Flamborough will adopt out kittens when they’re about 12 weeks old. Not all of the kittens have adoption photos on their website, so people are encouraged to come into their Centre Road shelter to meet them in person. You can come in for a scheduled “meet and greet” or the shelter has walk-in hours on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, between 1-3pm. Anita says, “We don’t want people to choose a kitten based on the photo or the way the kitten looks. We want people to come in and meet the kittens. There may be a kitten that chooses you.”

You can complete an adoption application on their website. Each kitten adopted from Animal Adoptions of Flamborough is microchipped, dewormed, defleaed, tested for FIV and FeLV, receives three monthly vaccinations, and is spayed or neutered at 6 months of age. The adoption fee is an incredibly reasonable $280.

Animal Adoptions of Flamborough’s average monthly vet bill is between $10,000 and $15,000. Their only sources of income are donations and various fundraising events. They do not receive funding from any government agency. They depend on the generosity of donors, volunteers, and the community for their support.

If you would like to adopt a kitten or support the care of surrendered and found cats and dogs visit them online. Email: [email protected] or (905) 689-7801.

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