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Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig Funeral Home: A century of care in the heart of Waterdown

The family-owned funeral home is celebrating 100 years in the Waterdown community

The story of Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig Funeral Home is inseparable from the history of Waterdown, Ontario itself.

For generations, the establishment has served as a place where the community gathers during times of loss and remembrance. Now, this proudly family-owned funeral home celebrates a remarkable milestone: 100 years at the heart of its community.

From Parlour to Trusted Partner

The roots of Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig Funeral Home lie in a common historical practice. Like many funeral homes, its beginnings trace back to a time when funeral visitations and services often took place in family homes or churches. As the need for dedicated spaces arose, local undertakers began offering their home parlours for such gatherings.

"That's actually similar to how many funeral homes in North America developed," says Rick Ludwig, the current owner of Kitching, Steppe & Ludwig, "Our funeral home's growth followed a similar history, the Kitchings opening their own home to the community.”

Family Ties & Community Bonds

Kitching Steepe & Ludwig's history is marked by a deep commitment to family. Ludwig, the fourth generation to lead the funeral home, like former owners, lives on-site ensuring accessibility to those he serves. "We're part of the fabric of this place," says Ludwig. "The people who work here are your neighbours, your friends. We reinvest in the community and actually live alongside the people we serve."

Ludwig's dedication extends beyond ownership. He and his wife Denise are active supporters of many local causes. As part of their 100-year celebration, the funeral home has donated to various local initiatives such as the YMCA, Carpenter Hospice, Food4Kids Flamborough, Eagle's Nest Association, and more.

"We know the community and understand the specific needs. Many of the families we serve, we've worked with for generations,” says Ludwig, “They remember coming here for their grandparents' funerals. There's a sense of nostalgia attached to this place, but also comforting memories of how people came together here to support each other in difficult times."

John and Ada Kitching standing on the lot at 146 Mill Street North during the building in 1923

A Century of Compassion & Change

The funeral home has a rich history intertwined with Waterdown. Founded by the Kitching family in 1923, its original location was their own home. Tragedy struck in the early 1940s with the passing of John Kitching, but the business continued with his son Mervyn at the helm.

Over the years, the funeral home has seen multiple expansions to meet the community's changing needs. It passed to Ron and Eleanor Steepe in the 1960s and then to the Ludwigs in 2004, maintaining its focus on personalized family care.

A Look to the Future

"I think it's comforting for families, especially older generations who value tradition, to know that this place has history. It builds trust knowing we've been here for a century, through thick and thin," says Ludwig.

"My intention is that another family would take over when the time comes and not a large corporation. Our commitment to our community runs too deep and is very personal."

For more information on Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig and their 100-year history, please visit their website.

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